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What You Need To Know About The Census

Okay I put my hands up, I had never even heard about the Census until the other day. But after a quick Google search, I discovered its importance and thought I should probably write a post on it!

census survey on laptop

What is the Census?

The Census is a survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics in England, Wales and Northern Ireland which takes place every 10 years.

It's goal is to build a snapshot of society which can be used by organisations to help make sure they are offering the right services for people. This could include charities, hospitals, schools, universities and job centres.

What does it involve?

Filling out the Census doesn't involve any complicated questions as it focuses mainly on people's sex, age, ethnicity, health, education, occupation, etc.

Every household must answer the questions for everyone living in that property and this can be done online using an access code you should've received in the post already.

When do you have to do it?

You must complete the Census online by Sunday 21 March.

What happens if you don't complete it?

By law, you must complete or be accounted for in the Census otherwise you could be fined up to £1,000! And this goes for everyone, including students! The only people who do not need to complete it are people staying in the UK for under three months.


The Census is basically a really important survey that you need to complete by 21 March to avoid the £1,000 fine. Just head to this page and enter the access code you should've received in the post then you're good to go.

For more information, head to the Census website.

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