• Katy Stephenson

5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Hands up if you're guilty of procrastinating. If we were all sat in a room together, I think we'd see a lot of hands in the air right now! In fact, 84% of people are affected by procrastination (source).

I mean, we've all been there. You've got an assignment due in the next day or an important presentation at work but there you are, frantically tapping away at your keyboard at 11 o'clock at night. Why? Because you spent your day scrolling on social media and fannying about with irrelevant things instead of cracking on with the task at hand.

If this all sounds familiar then no worries, here are some top tips to help you stop procrastinating.

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Remove distractions

Have you ever thought that the distractions around you are what makes it easy for you to procrastinate? This could include having your phone right next to you or the TV on in the background, working in a busy environment or listening to loud music. Whatever it is you find yourself getting distracted by, try to avoid it until you've completed what you needed to do.

One thing at a time

No matter what you tell yourself, you can only ever get one thing done properly at a time. Don't try to declutter your wardrobe at the same time as writing a blog post, it just won't happen and if it does, it'll take you 10 times longer than it would've done doing them separately!

Get the hardest tasks completed first

It's always a good idea to get the hardest tasks completed when you have the most amount of motivation. Otherwise, you'll just put it off and off throughout the day as you start to become less motivated. It'll also feel like a huge weight off your shoulders and might even make it easier for you to focus on other tasks knowing you've got the toughest one out the way.

Break tasks down

If you're struggling with the previous tip and smashing out a whole task is a bit tricky then try breaking it down into more manageable chunks to help you stay more focused. For example, if you're updating your CV, instead of just having 'write CV' on your to do list, split it up into write personal profile, employment history, etc.

Take regular breaks

A quick 10-minute break here and there to have a coffee, scroll through Instagram or hang the washing up can do your productivity absolute wonders. Taking the time to switch off will give your brain the little refresh it needs.

Do you have any tips to stop procrastinating?

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