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50 Things To Declutter In Your House

Who doesn't love a big old declutter? It's honestly one of my favourite things to do to clear my head (and house) and feel a whole lot tidier. Saying goodbye to irreparable objects, clothes that will never fit (despite the little voice in my head telling me they might fit next year) and things I don't use is so satisfying and when you can make the odd bit of money as well, it's just an all round great idea. So if you're reading this with a craving to cleanse, here are 50 things to declutter in your house right now!

person organising clothes into piles


1. Food cupboards, fridge and freezer - check alllllllllll the expiry dates and any food you won't eat, you can donate to a food bank!

2. Cutlery and utensils drawer

3. Under the sink/cleaning cupboard

4. Tupperware collection

5. Chipped mugs, glasses and crockery

6. Cookbooks and recipe folders

7. The drawer of crap - everyone has one, don't kid yourself!

8. Magnets and random bits and bobs on the fridge

9. The bag full of Bags for Life


10. Medicine cabinet/box - believe it or not, Sudocrem does have an expiry date haha!

11. Makeup collection - throw out any unwanted or expired makeup and if there's anything still in its packaging, try and donate it to a women's shelter.

12. Lotions and potions you don't use or have expired

13. Razors

14. Old flannels, towels and bathmats which could do with a change

Living areas

15. Bookcases and magazine racks

16. DVDs and CDs - don't worry, no one's judging if you still have them!

17. Toys, board games and puzzles

18. Blankets

19. Candles and diffusers

20. Remote controls - there's always a couple hanging around which don't actually work!


21. Perfume collection

22. Jewellery collection

23. Bedside drawers

24. Underwear drawer - anything with a hole in it, BIN IT!

25. Wardrobe and chest of drawers (clothes, shoes, accessories)

26. Under the bed

27. Airing cupboard - bedding, extra pillows, etc.

28. That bag full of stuff to take to the charity shop - can you sell some of it instead?


29. BBQ utensils

30. Tins of paint and gloss, paintbrushes and rollers - why are there always so many?

31. Wellies and walking boots

32. Bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.

33. Odds and sods you'll never use or don't need

34. Empty cardboard boxes or packaging

35. Punctured footballs and broken sports equipment


36. Apps you don't use

37. Spotify playlists you don't listen to

38. Inbox - trust me, this is one of the most satisfying cleanses!

39. Contacts - anyone you don't speak to anymore or will never need their number? Delete!

40. WhatsApp/iMessage conversations

41. Blog drafts - if you have tonnes of drafts which you're never going to get around to finishing, bin them off!

42. Photos - delete all the random screenshots from your phone and back everything else up!

43. Notes (this can be on your phone or in notebooks)

44. Folders on your laptop and hard drive

45. Paperwork (bank statements, utility bills, receipts, manuals) - where you can, scan it and upload it to your Dropbox/hard drive so you can shred the paper versions.

46. That pot of pens we all have - do they even work anymore?

47. Old calendars and diaries

48. Scrapbook supplies

49. Empty ink cartridges

50. Tech drawer - old or broken laptops, hard drives, phones, earphones, wires and chargers

Can you think of any other things to declutter in your house? And are you partial to a big clear out?

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