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What Is The Numbrs App and Is It A Scam?

Unless you've been living under a rock, the chances are you've seen people raving about the Numbrs app over the last month. It's come to light that you can potentially win quite a bit of a money from their PayDay prize draws which lots of bloggers have been raving about. In fact, a few I follow have won big (anything from €100 to €10,000) which is really motivating! But let's start from the beginning, what is the Numbrs app and is it a scam?

numbrs payday prize draw

Sign up for your chance to win €10k in the Numbrs PayDay prize draw!

What is the Numbrs app?

Numbrs is a smart wallet which allows you manage all your bank accounts, crypto wallets and loyalty cards from the same place. It gives you a decent overview of your finances where you can see your income and outgoings every day/month, monitor your spending and set savings goals. But to be honest with you, nobody's really using Numbrs for that reason.

What is Numbrs PayDay?

Instead of using Numbrs as a smart wallet, people are using the free 14-day trial to enter the weekly PayDay prize draw where you could be in with the chance of winning up to €10,000. Yes, €10k, you read that right!

Every Friday, €50,000 is split up into €10,000 €3,000, €2,000, €1,000, €500, €200, €100, €60, €40, €20 and €10 prizes which are paid to the winners of the prize draw. In the two weeks I've entered, I've won €40 so far which isn't big by any means compared to some of the bloggers who have won upwards of €1,000 in their first weeks BUT still, that's £34 for doing about two minutes' work. Not bad, eh?

You find out around Friday lunchtime whether you've won or not and normally receive payment later that day or on the following Monday.

And if you're wondering why the Numbrs app pays in euros, it's because they're a Swiss company. But a quick Google search will tell you what the exchange rate is.

How much does it cost to enter the Numbrs PayDay prize draw?

If you just want to test the waters, the free 14-day trial obviously will cost you zilch (just remember to cancel it). If you're in it for the money and want to see how much you can make, it's £83.99 for a year's subscription. You've just got to work out whether you're happy to pay that money to potentially win up to €10,000 for every week you refer someone and get a ticket (although, you'd be pretty damn lucky to win that every week). For me, it's worth paying the year's subscription in hope I can make more than £83.99 in winnings across 52 weeks.

Is the Numbrs app a scam?

After reading all of this, you're probably thinking, "but is the Numbrs app safe?" and I'll be honest, when I first heard about Numbrs PayDay, I rolled my eyes and thought "scam alert". However, after doing some digging, it quickly came to my attention that it's all completely legit and like many other banking apps, it uses Open Banking to access your information (a government regulated tool) and also complies with all GDPR guidelines to ensure your data is secure.

How can you sign up to Numbrs for the PayDay prize draw?

  • Download the Numbrs app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using this link (you must use a referral link in order to get a free ticket for the prize draw).

  • Create your account and choose the yearly subscription option which offers a 14-day free trial. You can later cancel your subscription unless you want to pay £83.99 for the full year.

  • Connect your bank account and wait for the following Friday for the PayDay draw where you'll receive one ticket for using a referral link.

How can you get tickets for the Numbrs PayDay prize draw?

As Numbrs PayDay works using a referral scheme, it means the more people you recommend, the more tickets you have to enter the prize draw. But just remember, more tickets doesn't necessarily mean you're going to win big!

All sounds pretty cool doesn't it? If you want to be in with the chance of winning up to €10,000, then you can sign up here for a FREE entry!

Have you heard about Numbrs before and will you be giving it a go?

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