• Katy Stephenson

How To Keep Your Houseplants Alive

I cannot believe the time has come where I'm actually giving advice on keeping houseplants alive as I haven't exactly had the best track record with greenery in my house. BUT I'd say that's a testament to how much these tips actually work so if you're a bad plant mum like I was, here's how to keep your houseplants alive!

keep your houseplants alive
  1. Make sure your plants are all sat in the right pots and can drain properly. Pop some pebbles at the bottom of the pots to keep the water away from the roots otherwise you may end up having to deal with root rot.

  2. Use good quality potting soil rather than the standard soil most plants tend to come with. You can even look into getting special soil for succulents which hold less water to make them easier to care for.

  3. Research your plant's requirements as they're all different. Does it like humidity? Does it need lots of sun? Does it thrive when the soil is moist?

  4. Make sure all your plants live in the best place for their conditions. It might take a few attempts but eventually you'll find the perfect spot for each one to thrive.

  5. Don't over-water! This is the reason why most plants struggle so make sure you only water your plants when the top few centimetres of soil are dry. And if you're questioning it, it's best for the soil to be too dry than too wet!

  6. If everything goes to pot and one of your plants looks pretty much dead, just cut all the leaves back and start again. More often than not, they can be revived!

  7. Keep children and animals well away from your houseplants at risk of them being eaten, torn, dug up or just plain destroyed!

  8. Download an app like PictureThis or Plantyx to identify problems and diseases instead of having to Google everything.

  9. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Stick to plants that are easy to care for like spider plants, parlour palms, snake plants, dragon trees and succulents. And if you don't think a plant would survive where you want it, just buy an artificial one instead!

Do you have any tips for keeping houseplants alive?

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