About Katy & Grown Ups Club

Founder, blogger, marketing manager,  say-it-how-it-is-er, cockapoo mum, Converse wearer, Marvel fanatic and Wagamama enthusiast.

Hello! I'm Katy, a 25 year old gal from Kent and now I sound like I'm on a dating show.

Besides tapping away at my keyboard, I spend my time walking Pepper through the muddy countryside, watching the rugby at the pub with my pals and curled up on the sofa rewatching The Avengers.

I've been blogging since 2012 about a whole range of subjects but sharing my experience of adulting has definitely been the most rewarding. I'm here to provide an honest take on newly adulting life and the struggles that come with it and I love how open and raw I can be about it.

My love and passion for talking about Help to Buy ISAs, LinkedIn and pretty much everything you don’t get taught in school stemmed from January 2019 when my boyfriend and I bought our very first house as 22 year olds. To put it bluntly, there was sod all information that was actually helpful and I thought come on, someone’s got to do better than this.

Now I’ve taken it upon myself to educate twenty-somethings on the real life stuff you need to know. I like to think of this as the blog I wish I read when I embarked on 'grown up' life.

So if you need a guide to adulting, here it is!